Monday, July 08, 2013

A few Opportunities

A few weeks back I said yes to this and that is to be part of the Green Built Home Tours with Jan Lewandowski and her family.  July 20th and July 21st will be the tour.  I will be in Door County teaching a workshop so my one piece will stand alone in her awesome home.  She will have a few of her other artist friends work in the home too on display. I'm so honored to be part of this.  here's the site to see her home. Green Built Home Tours

A Moment in Time
36 x 48
this is an older piece but one of my favorites. 

Then there came another opportunity I said yes to and it was to be part of the Catholic Charities "Gala of the Arts" One day Sept 6th and it's at the Navy Pier Ballroom...big stuff happen that night...sometimes I say yes and I have no idea what I'm doing...but to take a risk and do it honored and afraid.  Still have to figure out what do as of what piece will be part of the space is allow and then need to know what pieces would best fit. Oh I hate to figure that out...I'm one that when packing for a trip what clothes to bring...I end bring the whole closet, cause I just can't figure out what to wear till that morning and how I feel. Well if this is all my problems are then I'm a lucky ducky right?

Off to teach my last class today for the Basic Design in Collage II and then on with the rest of the day. Looking forward to see what the students will make.


  1. You ARE a lucky ducky...and a talented one.

  2. Oh Jo when in Doubt look out someone's got a plan for me and I'm riding blindly...having the time of my life though....


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