Wednesday, June 26, 2013

While cleaning up the studio

 This is one of the Creative Writing journal I make and at this time I'm in need of one for my afternoon journal writing. I like to use the colored ones for the afternoon or evening verse the regular Coptic stitched ones.  In the morning I seem to need to just come the white page and let it flow out.  But the afternoon and evening I like to come to the pages that have some color to them, probably others would go to the opposite on that but it works for me. Helps change the mood if I need help in doing that. You can see the 1" gum easers all carved out ready to be put to good use.. I just use my acrylics.  I know there are tons of product on there that you can buy ...but why.  A few of mine students in the last workshop kept saying Product...more product as of just that the industrious has us keeping everyone going by buying more product.. I know I'm part of that too but I like to be a bit more in tune with my character and creating.

 This is a few spreads that connect together and are read to write on. I have these pens I buy for my morning journaling and I use for everything else too, Micro 207 Uniball Signo's  and then I also use the white geli pens for the darker pages if need be.

The kind of journals I do and what I teach are a take off from the old Altered Book times when all this mixed media started off and regular journaling....though you can carry it to any level you would like I'm using a rescue book from our library instead of buying a journal to start off with....which you could do that too but why? when there are so many books that if there not bought the will go in the landfills and this has the first layer of words already then you can build up from there.

So you see as I get in my studio and put on the apron I'm lost in the creative process. I did clean and I also got a good start on my commission piece but I still had the need to finish up this creative writing journal.  Before I know it about three hours had passed. Love it!


  1. This post speaks to me. I have several repurposed journals going at once. I use library sale books, ledgers, big, small, and homemade. It is my favorite art form and great therapy! Your books are beautiful.

    1. Hi Carol, Multi tasking to it's highest right?


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