Friday, June 07, 2013

So many loves

I woke up this morning to the overwhelming feeling of Thank God for a New Day.  All is good and all is well.  I've been some what picking up around the house and cleaning up the studio just in case anyone wanted to walk up and take a look this Weekend while there hear making paper.. Nothing special up there but I know I always get a charge from seeing where people work, but maybe it's me.

I made it in Yoga class...teacher said I had good form...didn't do much as it's beginner class, thank god there cause I felt it just with the beginning stuff.  Now my nature is to pour my heart and soul into something that I'm, sleep, breath it but I'm trying a new pattern out... called "Easy does it"  My over achiever-ness want's to be good at it.  Which is I keep at it will happens.  Small steps add up to a nice long journey right?  So very excited to be learning this and it's in the morning...I'm a morning person so this is at a good time.

While I was cleaning up the studio because I jump in and do and run out all the time, I found my two pens I've been looking for...seems I left them there. 

and I've been doing some afternoon journal writing in my art journals and I so miss that and a few of my students from the journal class I taught at Lagrange some time ago are in my Basic Design Class now and shared interest in them and wanted to know when I would be teaching that they got the bug in I pulled out my unfinished journals and here they are..working on adding the base of gesso and the little one adding color to the pages.

What I have to get over as a creative one is time...I so enjoy creating in this books but the silly $ rides over my head and then I think all the time I creating in this books I should be making art...dang...I'm stopping my own joy... Got to look into that one and make some changes.
 This one hear is almost ready for me to bring color to the pages...and then some stamping and what every else I want to do to it before I start journaling in it.  Now I know they have the art journaling out there where people sit do a spread at a time but this isn't like that... I create the whole book before hand and then I go back into it and just use it as  writing journal...such joy and happiness happens when you turn the pages to write and there's great creativity already on the pages... sure helps the energy change when your writing about some of life's challenges.

 Here is an journal I put together to gesso but haven't gotten back to it till I found it again in my studio...Oh I so want to finish this... but my attention get pulled left and right and I can't help myself as I've got so many things I love to do and that I'm able to do...blessed is more like with out bragging on myself... Can one be truly in bliss with this??? I know I'm and so grateful that I can.

 And then the Violin waits for me...she's a nice looking one in the case. After the papermaking session has passed this weekend I have a few pieces I much finish up for myself and then bust a move with this commission piece...seems it was a big hit and they want me to volunteer to make two more...I have to spread out my service time so I passed on and will look for something different for next year to give of my time. But grateful for the opportunity because with that the opportunity to create special one for some is even better.


And then to carve a plate to use in printing is so much fun... now I added some character to this one as I slipped and but line in with the tool so for sure a mark will be made when I print with it.. but there are now mistakes...right?
off to finish setting up for the weekend and enjoy a bit of time getting myself of quiet time...I get so dang excited about it... Can this all be real?
Here are a few friends that are also living the dream...check them out  Uta Mooney
Glenn Stenson, Elena with Madame Styx and Robin with here beautiful Mandala's   All took the journey with the artist way and look where they are...creating up a storm...Hoot! Hoot! for them. Pure Joy in their achievement's.


  1. You are inspiring as always Laura! Thanks for the mention of my blog! Guess I better get busy there! Been lagging a bit lately!

  2. Always a great place to visit.

  3. Ooooo love all that wonderful stuff you're doing, Laura!


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