Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Natural Flow-Woman and Nature series

I've been inching my way with this piece, between teaching classes and preparing for the MCS to come and make paper at the house.  In the large blue section at the bottom there is now a nest and some numbers and letters going across horizontal. Part of the continue section I'm carrying over into each piece.  I got an obsessive quality in me that doesn't like to leave things go.

So while I was in the studio creating tack down Tuesdays, I finished up a few of my other things that got started in class. 

"They had a tree clearing"
8 x 8 collage on watercolor paper
This piece was done upside down in class yesterday as I demonstrated what people will be learning about and the process of tacking down and composition as of how to start or lay something out.  The question was ask by Dear Anne which where great questions to ask,  How do you find a title for your pieces?  Well this one it happens with the woods that were up under the peach stained tissue papers at the top right.  From a old book I recycled for collage papers, I put it in the back ground under the tissue paper not aware of what it said till I got the layout going and then tacked down.  I do a bit of detective work as of what does it need and I look in to the piece I have put together as of what possible will it need next.  As I told my class the answer is always in the piece not outside or off in another room or piece of paper not related to the piece.  So I as look for an answer to complete the piece I see the words that say "they had the trees cleared" and when I read that it all clicked for me..Which I had the green lines printed on there and the richness that was left gave me the feeling of tree clearing that happens.. and then I pulled the blue that I first was attracted to in the one sheet of paper I started with to pick my palette.  I brought it to the surface.. and the small circles at the bottom on the right side I repeated that pattern from the circles in the paper used on the left upper corner. What was first laid down bring it to the surface. Well just sharing the process.
it is for sale.
$65.00 plus tax and s/h

And then I played around with some older piece I didn't finish from my last workshop at Naperville so those are done now waiting for a good home.

 Near the beach
8 x 8 on watercolor paper
with photo image transfer of a nest.
it will have a 2" mat on all sides ready for a frame.

Releasing the Imagination
8 x 8 Collage on Canvas 1 3/4thick
with photo image transfer of a Cedar Waxwing altered with acrylics.
Read for your walls as is. No frame needed.

Both for sale
$125.00 plus tax and s/h

So it feels pretty good to inch my way out of some much needed studio cleaning of works not finished. I've got a few more to complete.  The thing is small steps is the way you do it... as of managing some many things as human being  we want to do and be part of things but we want the instant gratification and we forget half the stuff worth doing we have to do with a process mind though as of breaking it down and doing it a little at time and before you know it you've accomplished many things... Rambling on about stuff as usual... the collage of words and life that fits so nice with my creative side..

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