Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Moving forward and on my way

 As you can see I'm in the studio and the it's been clean and moving forward on to the next project. I cut the long black part off that extended from the neck.  I'm sorry Violinist I don't know the correct names for the different parts.  I also took the wires and the keys off with the bridge I think it's call off which was not even glued on. My tools I've used to take care of disassemble part.

A bit rough I know but it's going to get even more rougher and rawer looking yet before it all goes back together with a Steampunk Twist to it. I had to measure the space before I just started cutting..Measure twice and then cut once.  In this case the Violin must not be a the best quality as things are off and twisted all the way around. But then it adds character right.  
 Pulling out different part now well lets say drawers of stuff. but my favorite is the copper nails I found so long ago I can't remember where, just glad I have them to use in this piece as I did the last one. 

I was lucky enough to have more of The Bohemian Girl sheet music. And the wooden piece there is part of an old piano leg my neighbor gave me that was weather and spilt.  To my surprise it works well for this as you can see in the first violin I didn't it becomes the center piece with the major gear action going on.

Steam Punk Gal, Violin auctioned off at the DSO  a few months back...The piece now is a spring board piece from the whole event as two were biding and one won and the other contacted me for a commissioned one.  So as you can see I'm on my way.  I don't have anymore of the micro mini watch gears I put in the first one...inside the small glass bottles in the middle so I'm staying open for insight on what would best go in the ones I have to fill next. Well off now to do some home management stuff like shopping etc.

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