Sunday, June 23, 2013

Just Ask the Question

So now the studio needs a good cleaning...seems to go that direction after I finish a piece.  While in the moment it's hard to be obedient and put everything away. I don't' work that way. Don't think I every have.  Though I do like it when I come into the studio and it's all clean...Kind of like coming into my kitchen and having a clean space there too.   But while I'm in the moment papers and art tools are flying, not literally but close.

"Just Ask the Question" 
36 x 36
Collage on Canvas

Engineer plans painted and scrapped over with acrylic and to revealed the letter from underneath. Hand colored image transfer, acrylic glazing with wax pastels.

The meaning of these piece has taken some time to figure out. Usually when I'm working on a piece I stay on it till it's done but this piece has taken a while to complete.  I started it in one of my classes and it was a new color in my palette as of this funky dirty pink, white, gray and bone black. When I think of pink then the next thought is blue.  The fight between pink and blue what should it be...or what will we have as some parents may ask?  Then I had to let it sit, unfinished in the studio and boy did it bother me  the whole time that it wasn't coming to completion...yes it was eating at me.   Then how I'm effected by outside influence or what's happening in the world as of allow same sex marriages to be legal all over the United States. Now I don't follow the news that much but I catch sounds of the commotion if things.  I'm not to political,  but I do believe in Love and that everyone should experience it and have it in their lives.  The pose of this woman is symbolic of an attitude and I wanted to get that across  with this pieces as of "Go ahead Just ask the Question am I gay or Lesbian?   and in the big picture does it really matter?   Really having someone that loves you and you love them is what really needs to present.  Well my personal opinion. as skewed as it sounds I feel strongly about it.

 close up of "Just Ask the Question"

My girls of every color.... and the distorted font and whirl wind of the state of affairs.

I played with the font too as you can see the lower case j...stands for the word Just and the words ask a bit scrapped off  and then you have the large Q slapping you in the face...

I'm not sure I like the piece but I do have a passion for it's statement and for the exploring and experimenting I did with it...shall an artist say that about their works?...I'm an honest soul? and I do need to express myself?  and this is one of those that I just don't understand why there's such a power struggle with our government...Ramblings and free expression so grateful...I'm able to share it now... 

And then my young adults still living in the house ask me "mom is that why have all these rainbow flags out side around the house."  No I just like the look of Door County with all the flags hanging out for the business,  and can't help the flags are of rainbow colors. 



  1. I like it, Laura. I like how you are able to express yourself in your art work.

    1. Thank Jan...I wonder about it sometimes but I keep doing and this is what comes out so I have to trust it and go with it...

  2. I LOVE this piece...very up to date.

  3. who would every think that scribbling would be back in style.


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