Monday, June 24, 2013

Excitement in our house this morning

My youngest daughter and my mother in law left at 4:40 this morning in a car that a young gentle was driving and headed to Midway Airport. Whaaahooo for them!!! They are going to Myrtle Beach, not sure I'm spelling that right. They will be gone for a whole week...Really very happy for them.  A couple months in the planning. So that means we have "stinker butts" in our house...Hoby. Happy to say he's slipped right into our routine of things and remembers from the last time he was here. ( afew little whimper but he's good)  There was a bit of excitement between Hank and Hoby but that's just the adjustment of who's who in the house ranks...Now Carl has it...he's old and grumpy and lets them know it. Every leaves him alone. All is settled now Hoby is laying next to me on the floor here in the kitchen.

 My son starts a new job today full time and not in wielding like he would like but it's a full time job and he's out of stocking the shelves at Jewel.  That job was great while he was going through college but not for full time work unless he wanted to be a manager and move to another store which was something he didn't want to do.   It's time college is done and he's in need of funds to finishing his racing 91 Mustang that he's building.  I'm really very proud and happy that he was able to find a job like this. He'll be driving a truck with a cherry picker on it and laying cable lines and pulling cable lines...not his dream job but he knows the people and they seem like a sound company.

My other daughter just finished a full week as the bagger and cart fetcher  at the Whole Foods in's been a good company for our other daughter to work for so they final accepted her...she's been applying for 4 years now. She hot but happy to be there good chance to move up in the company.

Off to teach Basic Design in Collage and I have a demo tonight to present for the Fiber Diva at Naperville Fine Art Center and Gallery...should be a great time.


  1. Okay, have to see a pix of Hoby! Time for the latest pix of Hank too! ...and Carl! Oh boy! So happy for your daughter having that nice trip!

  2. I'll work on it April...I'll have to have the camera ready...cause you know what happens when you go and get the camera....they Move right.


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