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Saturday, June 22, 2013


Hi all...So the husband asks..."what you do go out and buy a whole bunch of dresses?"  and I had said No had them all just decided to treat myself all this week till Monday some way special and by wearing a sun dress or something like this it makes me feel special.  So I tried on a few before I decided on a quick little sun dress I bought last year and never ware it because it was a bit to tight...now having lost a bit of weight it fits...Luck me as I continue this week of Celebration I decided to fit a walk in but then it turned into a granny run out at the woods.  Stopped off at the market and pick up Ham and cheese for the Husband as he likes his sandwiches and then enjoy a few slices of fresh watermelon before heading to bed.

Out to continue walking or maybe a granny run this morning and then putting the hardware hangers on the back of my pink and gray piece...as you see it's finished but I'll wait to show a picture of it.   Then time to switch the studio around for assemblage...the violin must get done!!!


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