Monday, June 03, 2013

Basic Design in Collage II at Mayslake today-Oakbrook IL

Asymmetrical design done in my collage sketch book. Which means that both sides are of equal value in weight for use of the positive and negative space.  Well we will be working in our sketch books with small exercises like this and then moving to a final project by the end of the class session.

I'm really excited to be teaching at the Mayslake Peabody Estate..old yes but such character there and the grounds you can walk around and enjoy the beauty and nature. Some days I bring a lunch too and sit out and have that on the picnic tables by the lake.  I hear I've got about 10 students so it should be a great time.

I know this sketch collage above is nothing like the one from a few day's ago... The way I feel the sketch book is a place of where judgment is lost. Sure there's sketches in that aren't on the happier side of things but its a place where I practice and play with the arrangement of shapes, colors, and design ideas. Then you do it enough and you begin to trust yourself more and more and it just becomes like old hat. It's all part of the process. Well I could just rambled on aimlessly here and don't want to waste time doing that... do I ? 

Been moving through a few projects with baby of I've picked up the Commission Violin and some extra goodies for the assemblage parts and found some others I had in the studio so after the papermaking session the Midwest Collage Society I'll be moving in to creating on the surface of the violin. 

I've also been working on my last piece to my Nature and Woman "Natural Flow" I call it and even though it's been short times in the studio they are used wisely for sure.

Been cooking up the iris and daylily leaves..done there but I've got the Yucca leaves to finish cooking up..all for the papermaking session June 8th...I hope more sign up from the group but like us all we wait to the last minute to see how our schedules will fly and then we jump on it..a natural thing. I know I just did that with a morning Yoga class..heck I signed up a week late but figure better then never...I really didn't see that till I question about it and went on line and there it bought me a mat and towel now to see if I can get this stiff body to move with grace.

Off to pack up and get ready wonder if it's really June but I'll take the coolness...Summer will be here soon enough.

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