Thursday, May 23, 2013

Rain is passing....

So when asked this question many times...What do you when your not doing your art...well I could rattle off a ton of things but my favorite is working in my yard, getting my hands in the dirty moving the plants and weeding...yes weeding is the sanity part of the whole time.  I find in the mundane task of pulling weeds peace...Crazy as it sounds but it's time to open up the mind and let things flow in and out with easy. 

I'm in the works of weeding around the area that I will be putting up the papermaking tent..which I hope she holds out one more year...there's some pin wholes happening on the top and some other areas I need to do some hand stitching to hold her together but I think...well hope that it will hang in there.  I really don't need a tent to make paper with I can do that in the open but what's nice is I can leave all the supplies and just come in and set for the day and then leave it after I zipper it closes.  With the protection of the tent it allows me to do that. So that's the plan for the weekend..

Also along with all this...the brain is refreshed and wanting to get back in the studio...I've gotten a good start when I was at the workshop WI. on the last of the series I'm doing about Woman and Nature. ( I'd show picture of it but blogger is being silly with up loading image today...what's up with that?)   Then I would like to work on I think....something with the painted ponies..but I've got to do some research about them first. Listening to the gut and seeing what I get to do the Violin soon..waiting for the client to get back in excited about that. Rambling and time to get going and move on as much as I can this day.

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