Sunday, May 05, 2013

New Printer and a good Day at the Fair

I re post the postcard image here for you all that would like to and can stop out today to see the fair. This fair has always had a wet and cold presence upon the neighborhood as it's always been raining or really cool.  But this weekend the Rain Gods have graced us with passing around and we/Artist and hopeful customer have all been please with. There is some awesome work out there and it's really a wonderful spot to have an Art Fair.  Roz and her group of people do an outstanding job and you sure can feel it by the way the artist feel.. Good attitude and vibes, this kind of stuff spreads invisibly around the property and helps everyone feel good.

I know I was graced with some awesome visits and sales...I really do enjoy hanging out and seeing all the different human beings with their dogs and babies...dear souls.  Listening to the parents tell the young ones about art and touching with their eyes only not their hands...and the we folk stories going on about bananas or see when you set up camp for the weekend you are there and people walk by and us artist have ears and can hear the funniest things. it's great.

I saw a few of my artist friends that are actually going to meet me at Dillman's in week...that was a big surprise to see them. Mona and Jill you to have a save trip up...I'll be seeing you soon..Can't wait.  My mind is going wild with the stuff I want to get packed up to bring to explore and have some really good creative fun with and then try to be all adult about it an make some serious art...Well time for some breakfast and off and out the door I do for day too.

Oh I forgot to mention...the dear husband what a sweetie he is...when out and got us a new HP color Laser jet printer with a scanner included...that's is a load off my mind as I do still need to print some color image up for the workshop this coming week and was silently seeping some worry about that..and the Lawn was see it usually do that and it's been growing wildly with all the new grass seed I planted. So it was a really nice surprise.


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