Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Made it back in the studio

I had wanted to take a walk yesterday but the weather was of looked like major down pour was coming so I did my errands and then called the Husband (off of work because of the weather, construction worker) and told him I was treating him to breakfast.  Changing things up from looking for solitude to bring along a friend. It was around 9:30 so the little place I've been wanting him to try out should be open and it was.. Lithuanian Café called Café Smidge and they have the best slab bacon around and fresh eggs and hash browns like potato pancakes to die for.  We had a great breakfast, then I came home and went out side and got busy planting the flowers I hadn't yet. 

Bernie and I finished up the flower pots that I put some annuals in and then just last night I receive more plant to plant...Oh my gosh...I can't believe this many new ones going in people are sharing all over the when all mine goes in I will return this gesture and play it forward to someone else. Most of my plants are for paper making, long leafy things..

By the afternoon and shower I went back up stairs to the studio and put away some things and found that I a few project that got lost in the last few weeks I started and didn't I got busy carving out the other Linoleum blocks I wanted to do with the circle on it...I wanted different sizes. feel good to have the apron on and up there...when I walked in to my closet I said wow look at all that stock good place to be in.

Had my art tribe meeting and it was a good one..laughter by all one of the gal came back in to the group and it's great. I've had some issue personally with the group on how I fit in. but that's passed. Thankful for that and that I stuck it out long enough to see it was me and my thinking about how I felt personally..I changed my attitude and is well.

Dogs got walked this morning early at 5:30 I've been wanting to do that for some time and just decided to get it in motion again...Hank met a neighbor dog and it was great he was on the leash and didn't turn into CoJo.  and I was afraid he would get all weird on my and just allowed it to him space to do that, meet the other dog.


  1. Very proud of you, Hank!

  2. Yes he's going to be 3 years old and he's finally calming down a bit...but still has his 60'second energy where he reacts and doesn't calm down we are working on that.


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