Friday, May 17, 2013

Last of day 4....and their still hanging in there with me...

 Jan is coating her canvas to prepare for the next level of collaging.
 Adele is picking her palette from the huge box of papers she's made.
 Behind the scenes..   coming from the second studio looking into our studio space...this is the grand studio space to work in.
 I added the prayer flags this year as we are working with the same materials and with just adding a layer of this and a layer of that what great flags where made. 

 I had enough hooks to have all of us hang one...but not all are finished at this time but before rain comes in today I wanted to get a picture of it all.
 My sample pieces...first one I did.. image transfers, stamping and some gesture lines.
 Here is one using all the printed papers and really having some fun with it and adding more printing on the surface.
My little 6 x 6 on panel... piece.


  1. All looks wonderful and what a great workroom!!! So bright!

  2. I'm so enjoying seeing what your class is doing Laura. You must be a great teacher...if only I didn't live on the other side of the world.


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