Sunday, May 12, 2013

It's Mother's Day and this Mom is doing a Road trip !!

My dear family share Mother's day with me a bit yesterday as the all know I'm hitting the road to head up to Dillman's to Teach a Week long workshop...I'm so excited and just in awe that this is a dream that has come true and for the third time.  I took this trip up there by myself for the first time three years ago and last year I shared it with my cousin which was great but this year I'm heading back up on my own and quite possible the husband will do his road trip to on the Motorcycle. He's been preparing for it as of getting rain gear and working on the motor as of rebuilding it so if he decides and all goes well with that I might see him up there next weekend like Friday or Saturday..pretty cool..I would like that but know a lot can happen in a keeping my fingers crossed and hopeful.

Flowers-Daisy's My all time favorite, a cool pen and a great sticky note book, and some extra $ on I Tune cards was a wonderful gift from the family.., they know me well.  I do have to find some really Daisy for my year though...Haven't seen them at the Native plant some black eyed Susan though...I'll be looking.

Well no more time left...time to hit the road...

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  1. Happy Mother's Day, Laura, and have a wonderful week!


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