Wednesday, May 08, 2013

I should be packing...Supplies

As I sit this morning doing my morning pages in my journal I look out and see these beauties.  My Virgina Blue Bells.  There growing so nice with since we had all the moisture from the heavy rains.
 These Lilac's are a on the pink side of things.  I've got another two that are even started blooming yet.  Different variety I guess.. but the smell so here I am out running round my yard, ( I do love my yard, been through a lot of changes) in my nightgown taking pictures at 6:00am this morning.
 Ok here, about as close as I'm going to get to Chicken...these rock long legged things are a treat of a purchase I made from Costco's yesterday.  There among the Virgina Water leaf plants and my May apples.
 From my last trip up to Door county I was able to bring back some of the smooth pebbles and I've got my own stacking rock area...for now there next to my Jack and the pulpit's which this year are growing quite nicely.   My brother in law gave me the old pop bottle wooden crate that I want to plant some flower in...just got to find the time..
 Oh can you see the grass growing all around these beds...Had to plant some seed, Hank's areas that he pees over the winter time have killed it off and this is the sunniest spot to put some bed down so I've got major stuff growing...grass and spinach, lettuce, squash and some peppers.  I got a little planting happy and I know this will be over grown and have no room...need that fencing though really soon..Rabbits are really big in our area and it will be all gone in one night.


Between, classes, workshops, art fairs and managing this homestead I've done well at trying to keep the plates spinning I think...Before you know it though all of nature takes on her own way and you can barely keep up with her.  It's give one a sense of purpose, esteem and pride in the hard work and accomplishment to get some what looking good...Still going to always have the weeds though where you don't want them. Well off to packing needed a morning to savor in the delights of the day...
peace all.


  1. it all looks beautiful! Love those chickens!!!

  2. Love those bluebells!!


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