Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Day of Homesteading.....or grounding

After running around for last minutes stuff yesterday slipping in a jaunt to Mayslake Peabody Estate for the Native Plant sale, I came home and put away the misc. stuff, tended to the pets needs for the week...kitty litter, fish tank as of taking out water for the plants in the house and then adding more water to the tank..and doing the back yard landmine detail before I cut the lawn...Did I ever say "I love my yard"...well I'm saying it again. I was brought up to appreciate the property I live on as best I can...Oh weeding is always needing to be done so don't every expect a manicure lawn like a golf course...not here A'la Naturale. got me a good crop of Dandelions growing with some Creeping Charlie too.  After the Lawn was cut I was able to plant my plants I purchased and get ready for the ceremony in the evening.

Jake my son graduated from College of DuPage which I hear is going to a 4 year college soon..Well He received is certificate in Wielding and Assoc. in Applied Science...That's about all the schooling he can handle. Did it and done now...the process of looking for a full time job is on the agenda along with finishing his Mustang he's rebuilding along side the garage. So Dang Proud of my kido's...all of them.

We have two more that will be finishing up things in the next year or so...Big Accomplishments on their end. 

I've been also enjoying the birds at the feeder lately as I've seen a pair of Red Breasted Grosbeaks which are more northern then being around here...They must be passing through.

Today I tend to the homestead as of paying the bills, cooking and cleaning up..though the family will be around the how week it's just part of the preparing when I leave for a trip..I know that the family well do quite well with out me...most of the time they enjoy me not being around especially the older gals as of they feel awkward with me around in the kitchen area...just a natural thing but we worked things out and just cook at separate times. Making up some Quinoa and got my chicken all cooked up so I can use it on salads or with my spaghetti Squash and sauce...I really do enjoy this whole getting away, though I'll be working it's a joy to share this..Well best be busting a move on it.

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