Sunday, May 19, 2013

A bit of show and tell time..

 Cida's piece, she's got some stamping on top of the papers too.
 Jan's piece was amazing.
 Adele showing us her sketch book.
 Carol C.
 Carol was amazed to see what she was able to do..
 Jill was popping out collages one after another.
 Carol M was coming in for a watercolor workshop but it was cancelled and being she couldn't cancel her flight she came to the collage workshops...produced some amazing work.
 Mary Jo had now fear... she jumped in to the canvas and all the water color papers.
 Bette our Laughter Queen was really enjoying her self.
 Pam was able to meet her challenges and create some great works.
 Mona keep surprising us with her works... really amazing.
Mona sharing her thoughts on this pieces that we all loved.

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