Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Stretching on all side...but in a good way

 Well I'm reposting this piece of assemblage to share in the good news. Steampunk Girl was sold to the highest bidder for $1500.00 this will help benefit the outreach program with the Dupage Symphony Orchestra..So happy to hear that...and I might be making another one. Stretching back into my assemblage roots.

 A few shots of the students at Mayslake Class-Basic Design in Collage I, We are working in a sketch book and practice the elements and principles and then working with the simplest of papers and that is just making some solid colors.  As we move along in class we explore pattern, textures and more color but we can't pull from a palette of papers that all with action going on...we need some calm areas so as I said we are creating them first.

Everyone is so eager to move forward, it's wonderful.

 You will see from the picture above we are coating brown and white envelopes with the polymer medium.. I've having the student just work with one paper and the the shapes and lines that is create with that..one my samples... just a design study in value, shape, line and absences of color or monochromatic of sorts.  Should be interesting where we go with this.

From Sunday at the MCS meeting a member had some player piano paper in our collage and I though Yes I've got some of that in my art studio which I was given awhile back..then another member was interested in some and I thought Hey! I know someone that had them...So I got in contact and here you have it  a whole box of rolls of Player Piano paper...I'm in heavy and stretched to my capacity of abundance...really...I'm feeling very full and flowing over.
Now today prepare for tomorrow night! 
Where you ask..or maybe not?
I was invited in to be apart of this event..now it's just one night. But I get to show and tell my process and also invited the families that come there a chances to tack down some collage papers. Highland Park High School-Focus on the Arts 2013   Wednesday April 10th 6:30-8:30 pm

It's All Good as Maratha Stewart says, It's all good~


  1. Congratulations Laura...nice to see you in Jane's online class.

  2. Hi Jo,
    thanks...Searching for more violins to steampunk on.

    I'm scrambling to keep up with the online class.... great to see you there too!


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