Monday, April 15, 2013

Revisiting some collage works

Victory Song 24 x 24 Collage on Canvas
The Wis-a-ked-jak or the Trickster meet with all the animals and asked them how long winter should be. Moose said there shall be as many moons as the hairs on my back. The Beaver said there shall be as many moons as the scales on my tale. And the Frog said there shall be as many winter moons as the number of toes on my foot..And so it should be 5 as the Frog won,  The Victory song of the Cricket frogs is heard now in areas where water is..Even right out side my house across the field I hear them singing there victory song. This story is by the Cree Tribe for one of their Full Moon stories. The Month of March

White Flower Moon 24 x 24 collage on Canvas
This is piece is about Winter and Spring...The white flowers are up and blooming as of my snowdrops where just a few weeks ago and the scare of winter is fading but still a possibility. All the Animals are awake now.. The Great White Owl symbolize Winter in this piece and it was inspired by a poem from 13Moons on Turtles Back  about the Huron Tribe and what one of there Full moons meant. The tribe is from Canada but were spilt and some moved into the Ohio Valley.
For the Month of April.

I share this series because I really formed an relationship with them. The whole series took me a year to make and that's a long time for a scatter brain creative to stick with anything.. so something must of keep me connected outside myself because my attention is short..

The Relationship of the poem and working with them at the same time of year that the poem of that full moon was about for that month really connected me. Then it was creating the papers and allowing my own images to form. Creating some of this animals layer by layer with paper..Shall I call it a passion filler?  I think so.

I spent the whole day in the yard cleaning old growth and turn over the earth, planting some bulbs and just realizing how bless I am. Great peace comes over me when I'm working in my yard. Carl was pleasantly laying in the shadow of the fishing boat and Hank he's Sunner Black as night but love  to worship the warmth.  And to look up and see them laying there all peaceful was pleasing to my heart...Me and my fourleggeds all content in our Back Yard.

Well time to pack up got class this morning at Mayslake and we are going be doing this...

This will be a exercise in working with one piece of paper at time and then being creative and working with the leftover papers and combing them together.  Also the way the round edges and the clean edges of the papers work with the shapes. Plus we will work with the shadowing of the papers..learning how to master create the depth without it looking like we outlined it..which does happen some what with the glazing technique.


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