Sunday, April 14, 2013

Need My Vit. D, My Vit F, and now Vit P

Sunday Morning and lots to do   grateful for the ability to be able to do. Yesterday I was on a creative high all day of learning new things and exploring new territory.  My horoscope from My Daily OM shared today about the Pioneer attitude.

To adopt a pioneering approach to life is to recognize that while there will always be perilous periods in existence, it is precisely these trials that allow us to discover definitively what we are capable of achieving. The fear we feel when confronting something new is a sign that the activity or opportunity before us represents a chance to test ourselves. As you move beyond the borders of your comfort zone today, your courageous spirit will enable you to overcome your trepidation through action.

I didn't finish all the Collage workshop packet making...but that's Ok..not going to beat myself up. I look at it as it was time to expand a little and see what the video stuff is all about. Not that I love looking at myself..far from it but I do enjoy to share..And as I am a visual person along with a textile person I need to see what's happening..Oh I can read but I need to see how to.. or Show me.  

Everyone thought I was a funny soul yesterday in the house hold but heck if your going to learn something then it needs you focus...well as much as a creative soul can give..with an attach span like a Nat.. Rambling I know...the Husband remarked on my ability to be like skipping record...I skip from one thing to the next, story telling and what every I'm creating and or doing...such a kind man..No he is but by the end of the day most of what I've set out to accomplish or explore I can check off the list.

Sent him out today for some fun...he's going to a Motorcycle chopper swap meet...kind of cool all the old American Pickers too.. he asked if I wanted to come along but I think this is he time to explore out there.. So cute He says I'm going to need some business cards too soon... And that he will. The Man is talented on many aspects.  So as he off picking and swapping...I'm going digging week is full but the day is young for digging so grabbing on to it..Need my Vit D!!

So with the Vit. thing I've heard of the D which you get natural from the Sun  And Vit. F which you receive from you Friends...and Now Vit. P..which you receive from your Pets...isn't that the Cat's Meow and the Dogs' bone~

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