Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Keeping a Heart of Hope instead of Feet of Fear

What can I do?  There are so many things going around outside of me that I really have no control over.  Things I my limited sight thinks needs changing for all to run smoothly but I'm but one of a whole A small thread of many.  I'm sitting this morning with list a mile long and good positive things going on, you know the stuff that makes you step forward with life instead of being stuck.  I take my cue's from Nature, the plants growing around me, are they in fear?..well as far as I can see, they are reaching up and showing up for the day.  The sun has risen and the day begins.  I decided to purchase a older CD loaded with Tibetan Healing music by Nawang Khechog...the flute, or the guitar and a cello are instruments that will get me every time. So I turn to the music today to help keep a heart of hope instead of feet of fear.

I'm not physical affected by the tragedy in Boston but it's one of those things that you know someone that is...Dang we are all connected, what happens to one is a rippling effect that will trickle down..wouldn't it be awesome if the effect was one of comfort.  Crazy as it sound but even for the those that have done this to the City of Boston and all the people. 

Well I have to pull away from the instant information coming in...

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