Friday, April 26, 2013

Head in to LaGrange Art League today...

Heading off to Lagrange today I've got a job to do...I've signed up to their framer for the day.  No, what happened is a framer there is gone on vacation and I'm filling in to help out..there's another day at the end of May also that I'll be working.

I'm so excited to also as I'll be leaving for Algoma WI to exchange work out at the Flying Pig.. My oldest daughter and I will be going together this time...nice little weekend get away.. we are staying at the Bay Shore INN..kind of expensive but it's a nice treat. 

The worst part of this all is I want to be in my studio finishing up some of my own work that been breathing to long up there...needs completion.. and I've got some other ideas that I want to get a move on...just thankful I've got the ideas, I may not be able to carry them all out right now but just thankful I have them.. Looking forward to some studio time...I can sure tell too there's a restlessness going on in side.. feeling like I'm being tied down and estranged.  Not liking that one bit.

So being I have a understand of myself and know what's up and what needs to be done about I'm be making some plans today on how to carry that out..

The moon last night was so awesome, did my little sage cleansing and breathing in to this day all the good and positive...

Acceptance of what is and be in Delight are my affirmational words I carry today.


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