Saturday, April 06, 2013

And life goes on...

Worked in the yard yesterday for a good 6 hours..never going to be able to get control of the weeding but I had to clear away the old growth for last year And get a grip with some areas that I need to change.  Already there about an inch difference from yesterday outside with the plants coming up. Had some lunch and then did some picking up of the homestead and head upstairs to the studio...I committed to the Q as of I'm using letters and numbers in this piece when I decided to add a large scale letter in there I saw the stencil of the Q and just went for it.  This piece is one I'm doing some different things with as of sanding back the papers after they've been tack on to the surface and I've got no set idea for it as of the inspiration is in the process of trying new things. As I add on another piece or make a new mark, a spark happens and a flood of ideas come in. So for being in the process it's a fun time.

I've got head into Naperville art league today to drop off some work for the Obsession show and also for an auction their  having to update the classroom.. 

Got to get a move on the day and fit in some walking time in the woods maybe for the rain their talking about comes in..

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