Sunday, March 10, 2013

Samples of Floating Collages

So what's been happening?
Been taking care of business so to say.  Since the trip to Minneapolis Minnesota I feel that I've come back from the weekend and been on a go..go..go mode.  I brought along the book, "The 12 secrets of Highly Successful Women."  And read about three chapters, realizing again it's a self help book on how to...and as I read it I found that I seem to be cutting my path and making good with all that I've been doing.  Lets say I'm in a good place with room to make small improvements or adjustments as needed. Mainly with the art of living a full life and what each person feels is their successful life.
Spending some time writing up some class description for the fall and working on a hand-out for the Floating Collage class.  The process is a bit different because of the outside edge is brought to attention more so then all other pieces of art.  Plus it's trusting in a personal design instinct we all have  but don't realize..the aspect of learning how to tune it.  I will only be able to guide students to do that it really is like all other things you have to practice at it and be open and aware willing to take a risk now and then and venture out of the comfort zone..teach that in 10 hours..impossible but when I engage with my students I feel I'm greeting them at the door and swinging it open for them to start.
This is another Floating collage  Color Study IV  I sold it right after I created it and didn't complete the series, mainly because I probably needed to venture off into another direction with a commitment I made along the way.  I can see now that I was working on the 13 moon series by the papers I had used.
Here's another one that will be put up for Auction April 16th for the Naperville Art League Classroom for the Fine Art Center and gallery. They are looking to raise funds for a update..has been done since the 70's.  There is also two other pieces that belong to this series that will be part of it also.

The Title is "Cash Crunch, with double mats, in a nice frame 18 x 18

I'm talking up this style of collage mainly because of the effect of whole piece and exposing that raw edge. this piece has an image transfer in it from a photograph I took of a birds nest and then the eggs were created with painted and altered book page from behind in the right corner. A small simple design aspect of layering.   See the peach colored book page way in the back then down on the bottom center under the handmade buff textured papers and then to the surface as eggs...we as viewers and creator of our work don't realize how this connection and layering helps in a composition..Integrating the materials through out the piece of art.

Rambling I know between morning coffee talk with the husband... but these are samples of the Floating Collage class that starts on Tuesday...and to my surprise is chalk full with wonderful students already...going to have to put my best game face on for this one.. Love the challenge and the creative energy created by it all.

Side note: with all the commitment I committed to I'm scramble to keep my head above it all but still managing to keep my sanity with walking in the woods.

 Here is a photo of the tall grass prairie, which was burned in the fall by the Forest Preserve Fire Rangers. I took the photo because of the coyote prints there on the surface of the must have come through during the night when the snow was colder as it created a hard surface for the coyote to run on.  During my hike around the trails yesterday it was melting.

 Here I am with the funny nose angle, bigger then it really is shot...hahaha. but I really wanted to capture how I was feeling about my time in the woods and I know I'm not looking at the camera cause just as I was going to snap a picture a hawk flew over, attention was drawn to it and then I pushed the button.  The strong need to keep some what of a realistic balance in my life has me spending long hours in the woods. 


  1. I have never heard of the floating collage concept.. I do like raw edges though and your collages are wonderful.

    1. Well Floating collage is something that this crazy brain though up for a classes. Everyone seems to like the concept of the edges being seen and when their floating on the surface as of some form core raising the whole piece of art off the surface it really adds to hard to see the great effect it make here on the blog though.

  2. Laura, I just read your last comment on my blog about color and such... the elements of design. In my workshops, I stress the importance of figuring out whether you are a color person or a value (subdued) person. Do you love texture or line or shape or repetition or rhythm or... and yes, one has to go deeper into your subconscious to figure this all out. And so whatever you love goes into your work on a consistent basis.. the goal is to have recognizable work. take care and best wishes. donna

    1. So true Donna, and great question to ask, and something that is ponder through creating all the time for me as of deeper into the subconscious.

      Best wishes to you too.

  3. The more I see of your work the more I am drawn to it. That top piece is just wonderful, wish I could see it in real life.

  4. thanks Jan... I remember making the piece and presenting at an art fair and sold right away.


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