Thursday, March 28, 2013

Playing around with a envelope-Collage

I'm working on some class assignment stuff for Basics Design in Collage at Mayslake Peabody Estate and I like to playthrough some ideas before bring them to class. I have to say it was much simpler before I stated the stamping of shapes and adding the lineage in there...not sure if I like it or not..But one has to be willing to expand and explore. I do love the one sheet of paper  to work with and layering them up to see the fun design you can receive just with the envelopes.. 

 I've got to stop at Archivers today and see if they have more of this size envelopes in brown..note to self..
 Because of using the tack iron method of collaging it's about preparing the papers and this paper is thick and to wet glue it down might create more ripple effect then normal so I'm glad I use the tack iron, plus it quicker in the end..
Here I've just cut the side and then I'll coat it on both side with the polymer medium and let it speed it up I used the hair dryer and before ya know it,  I had three 4" x 4" watercolor substrates cut and the two envelopes one white and one brown ready to go.. about an hour it took to create these three..I don't like to spend a heck of whole lot of time on's more of risking the judgment queen and going for it..

Of course the white envelope isn't pure white...the way the polymer goes on and the acrylics it kind of soaks in to places that create some very interesting effects.  Now I don't mix the acrylic with a glazing medium for these little ones.  I just used a baby wipe and some acrylic on it and wipe on wipe off method and then came back in with straight up raw umber acrylics to darken some of the over lapping areas to create more depth. Actually creating shadows as if there where an light source.  Which also is a play with value I believe.  Kind of like Louise Nevelson.. Well I may be far fetch in my practice of value, shape and lineage but with just a simple brown or white envelope see what you can do..


One very Awesome lady...Louise Nevelson.

and with the left over pieces from both envelopes and some stamping of found shapes and a squiggle line and a bit white pastel pencils I was able to get something to happen..what I'm not sure of but it's like starting off, you've got practice, practice and practice to see where you're going...take a risk and push the cart a bit...Heck step out side might be just what the creative spirit is asking for...

this was a practice run for me on using one piece of paper and create a small study and what could happen with that one piece of paper..questioned asked with out even realizing as I go about layering the papers is it that I want the edges to be seen and what effect do the lines of the edges of paper add to the piece..should they be torn or cut straight or use the shape already provided...Won't know till you give it try.. right?

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