Friday, March 15, 2013

Following some intutiveness

I wake up in the morning to thoughts.... and question why these are coming up or there? I bring them to the morning pages of my journal and spill out what every comes. This morning I found that I wanted to be in a retreat setting as of quiet, alone and in peace.  I feel the push and pressure of some projects but the need to approach them different is exciting.

so with out going into my list of things to do I'm just going to say that a shower, quick tidy of the homestead, some breakfast before or after long walk in the woods and then take the dogs out and that should help in a morning retreat setting.. before you know it, it's about lunch time...De clutter is call for the days agenda and darn I say I'm excited by that also with Spring knocking, I heard the Sand hills flying over in the thick cloud sky I'm open to change...following the flow trusting in the intuitive gut speaking loudly to enjoy the solitude.  

Off to fill the inner well of images, soulfulness.

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  1. Laura: If you are truly interested in a solitude retreat, I highly recommend Christ in the Wilderness. It is in northern Illinois, among the hills and lots of wonderful nature. There are 4 hermitages, and oh so quiet and peaceful. Truly a place to regenerate. Very reasonable cost, also. Marge Duff


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