Saturday, March 23, 2013

Could it be a dream come true

Quite some time ago a group of artist got together and share the journey of the Artist Way books.  Could it be over 6 years ago when it started?  Wow time flies when your having fun.

Some of the members have gone off and had some amazing things happens. As of sold enough artwork to come to the United States Uta M.  and then from there worked with another artist of words Glenn S, who is now in the process of publishing his first book.  As this all progressed other artists were busy setting their creative lives in order. Robin N. is now teaching her art and Jan B. is also showing her quilts and other mixed media. 

There was one more that dabble in a few things and was very good at all that she touched but she seem to sway in and out of the creative live till recently when she decided to surface with a Few Stick Drawings..

May I introduce Madame Styx,  She created this stick drawing while ago and would share it now and then with the Artist Way group as the mood struck her. But I thrilled to see that she is  making a stage appearence for us all to see...

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Could this be something that you could draw from???

I'm sure we can all relate to her. 


Thank you for stopping by and viewing my collage chatter, many creative blessings and peace to you and yours