Wednesday, March 20, 2013

At the Mercy of the torn edge

 Elane, was able to make it one of the classes, she had a mishap with her wrist and she's on the mend and can't be away from the creative process...totally understand.

Elane's piece

 Martha's piece,
 The opportunity double up on the floating collages and was offered and you can see Martha has a base with the Song page and other collage papers behind the top one.

 Deb's piece there, I wished I seen the glare before and tilled it but the glare is from the glossy polymer when a later of satin is on it tones it down but sometime the gloss is great.. Deb was exploring her love of the green blues and the hint of rust...Job well done. and her outside edges are really interesting.

 Judy's two nice piece here are playing with the value of the tissue papers and the outside edge.

 Lisa, Gathers her reference from her photo's and is having great fun capturing that in her collages.

Kathy piece, Loving the colors that are popping in this one.
 Kathy second piece, I had everyone do two small and then a larger one that would fit in the mat and backboard I provided for them.

 Re, was have a fun time with her papers, everyone was in awe over them, but she had to pull them out to pick a palette for the next piece.
 Re's second piece, Adding the scribble or personal gestural line in there is a tough one...mean for us adults we have to go back to our childhood and remember what its like to scribble...but once you do it's so freeing. I gave the students the opinion to add that in.
 The outside edge is what we were all to look at too so a bit different then past class of collage where it's all been taped off and cut clean.
 Melissa had venture off and done a find job, she was a bit afraid but in class the Mantra is "do it afraid" and that's what we were all doing.

 April, really enjoyed this wonderful earthy piece and repeated the squiggles from the pattern on the surface again.
 Lenora is getting ready to add glazing I beleive to her piece.

 These are Cindy's two piece and I apologized for the glare, I have to really check this before I click the button on the camera. For the First time in class I believe she got the concept of the outside and inside edges. and we throw in some image transfer techniques too.

 April's piece from the first class..loving the blues..and the interesting composition she was able to achieve.
Lenora's piece, caught her in the act of glazing..

This class as I shared before was a extension of my other class and it just popped up and everyone has been wanting to learn about the outside edges and why do we have to cut them off. So I've created this concept of working with the organic edge of the papers and letting them hang over and then really giving them some importance by having them float and raised up from the surface.  

Each student was given the top mat and form core to present this collage in the proper way. As of having the height of the mat so it does rest on the collage art itself and now it's ready to pop into a nice frame.  


  1. They are all fantastic! You are such an inspiring teacher!


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