Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Wow! got so involved today

 Dianne is working on a canvas for this next step of the project. Using her collage sketchbook for a reference. Colors have changes and that's a good thing, she really is stretching her creative spirit.

 Re jumped right in to a nice size of 10 x 20 Canvas with a bold ideas that is really working out nicely.
 Lisa is challenging herself with a larger canvas so today she spent some extra time make more papers.
 Marica worked her composition from the sketch book to the nice little canvas, here she adds a few shadow techniques.

 Nancy went bold for her colors which really works nicely for the south west feel she will have with her design. Add the shadow's just right will enhance the papers and give them demotion.
 We're excited to see how June's coffee cup idea will turn out. She really is focused and has some good ideas she would like to care out further with this design.
April and Lenora are working on some nice size watercolor papers and creating some wonderful gems.

I have to say we all got to busy today and before you knew it, time flew by and we had to clean up..But I bet everyone including myself will sleep well tonight. Great job Ladies.. Proud of the work you did today.


  1. It looks as though everyone was very focused and creative. Wonderful work! Wish I could have been there too.

  2. Hi Jan,
    Your right they really all were very focus. I believe we worked hard to get to this point where they would be able to move right into a canvases, or boards and some of them decided to stay with the surface of watercolor paper.


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