Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Road trip into the City today

"Big Moon" part of "Thirteen Moons Series"

I'm excited that this piece was juried in to the Copy.Right Exhibit at the 33 Contemporary Gallery located in the Zhou Bro. Art Center in Chicago. I'm also excited that I will probably stop in and see Robin Rios in 4Arts Inc.. not see her in a long time so a good winter visit is called for today.
I'm also planning on visiting Fortunate Discoveries in Lincoln Park..not sure about this though. As it's a gallery space that you are required to pay a month rental.  Which is always a big chunk take out of the purse pocket.  But I feel the need to see and look and observe what's happening in places like this. 
So on with getting the art ready for the road trip and then enjoy the ride into the city... 

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