Sunday, February 10, 2013

Opening up a can a worms

Or could I be learning something new?
I've been going behind the scenes and updating my images on the website, which should be a biweekly thing set up for myself but does that happen? No.  Instead I spend month creating the work and teaching and exhibiting...Then a yearly need to update takes over and I'm where I am now.

Of course website looks and acts up in different operation systems, like FireFox, Google Chrome and Internet getting things to pop up right and come out the way you want is a chore.

Then you throw a amateur in there and Oh is there a mess. Well don't want to sound all negative and stuff, let say a old gal learning new things. I'm behind the scenes looking at the Html stuff...well need to call my Web Ranger of a gal-Oldest Daughter so we can noodle this one out.

The website still works but not happy with the Light box action of the site...different ones popping up on different section.

So got  to wait till she wakes up, so I decided to have some breakfast and then look back into it.

Here's some photo's from yesterday at the Chicago Urban Art Retreat Center
It's a small place with a big cause, helping woman and woman helping the community which then enriches unity.. by then contributing to the community..nice circle if you ask me.
The gallery is in the front living area of the home which is now a center.

 Sorry for the blurry photo..was a bit crowded and did an over head shot with my camera photo. this is the stairs that lead to the woman's area where the live.  There are three rooms already filled with a kitchen section and a living area.

 Front door of the Center
 All along the fence is small paints of famous African Americans in History.. Which was created by a 7th grade class called, A Portrait Fence. Kind of a great idea..would love to see this in different areas but again it's creating art and letting it go to the elements not a lot of people are cool with that but it also brights and livings up the neighborhood. 

 Here Nancy the other Artist also exhibit in this show is stand next to the Linda's Husband waiting for her to come out. Linda not in the picture is One of Nancy's studio mate.  Word gets passed along between artists and next thing you know we are taking part of different exhibit opportunity together.

This is a shot from the sidewalk of their back yard area or the Meditation area the woman call it. The eye opening thing about this all is the Urban Art Retreat is Smack dab in the middle a very full character neighborhood...from major boarded up homes to just on the other side of the street this art center. Becoming a member helps keep the doors open. One things I have to say as Nancy pointed out that despite the economic effects on the neighborhood and the fence that circles around the center it is a wonderful sight to see.  Bring the art to the people to help them work through life, as the gain confidence in what the are creating that spill out and over into their daily lives and one can only hope for the better for them and others alike.  

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