Monday, February 11, 2013


 I keep getting reminders on how many package are already received at Dale Copelands house for the next ICE exchange  the deadline is March as you can see I've not got much time, nor either do you if you want to be part of this. I suggest you Bust a Move just as I'm doing..
Give it a try if you've been thinking about it and not done it..It's well worth it. And Dale is a Peach!

 The work has to be mounted on a piece of mat board 8 x 10 and this year I'm going to make the 6 x 6 collages.   I like to work on them all at time..CRaZy I know but it's one of those fun challenges and then you get to be added to the whole bunch of them...You know Collage artist from across the big waters and back. Dale tries to find a place of the one of the collage to be a collections and then you get the opportunity to put one up for sale and then rest are exchanged.. I'm using the clean technique of taping off my watercolor paper first. Then giving them a coat of polymer. All 13 of them are on the drying rack wait for Wednesday or Thursday of this week.

 Well one of those "just got to give this a try" kind of deals and then donate my time and materials to a worthy benefit as the DuPage Symphony Orchestra.  I've till April 1st but as you can see not sketch of are sitting in front of it but I do have a pencil line drawn on the violin so my son can cut it so I can put a box in it..and then some assemblage work will be added to the surfaces...That's the plan... I know it was hard to cut but the violin is a used one and not strings were attached..tee,hee, hee.(made a little funny there)
 As for the 13 collages I'm going to create..I'm letting nature take its course.  The image of the alphabets is reverse because they need to be when I use the tacking method of collaging. I don't know what and where this will all go but getting prepared as I've got 8 sheets already coated with three coats of Polymer medium to build up the skin I'll need to transfer to the collages later.

Drying rack all filled up, well almost with things waiting in the wings to come together.

As I was moving around the studio working on all these things I was also working the larger canvas.. One might say she's been spinning in circles but really using my time wisely as one thing dries I move to the next..can't do this all the time but today it fell in place.

Got my walk in out in the wood add the winds of change were upon anyone being outside today in the Midwest area.. Kind of cool to walk out there listening to the winds through the tall tree branches..

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  1. Ooooo...can't wait to see what you're going to do with all of this! Nice!


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