Friday, February 01, 2013

Keeping balance in storage and studio

Late day post...

I went and let go of some older artworks and disposed of them. It was hard but it had to be done.  I feel good about doing that and I've also taken apart some other works and I'm going to file them with out mats and see what happens at a later time.  The space of the mats, glass and metal frame consumed to much space.  Taking inventory and clearing space for the stuff that I'm into now.  Now not that I'm getting rid of it all but some works I so quickly matted and framed..You see I was able to purchase the frames, mats and cut them all and put them together myself or just a small amount and so everything I created was matted and framed..not that they don't deserve to be it's just a little out of balance...need to keep the balance or this gal gets a little wacky...

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