Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happiness what is it and where is it and do I have it?

Again a flood of information come rolling in and I'm in awe...or maybe I'm read to see and listen to it.. a wise Native American Elder share that you can't become a teach till you turn 50...well I always wondered about that, because I've been teaching for a long time.  But I'm finding that I've been in a spot where relearning seems to be called for.  But it's on a different level of relearning.. I'm going to share another video with you all that I stumble on and if your on face book and a few other social media's I've been sharing it there too.   it's just inspiring to me to watch this young wise soul explore, venture out and test his abilities and face fears and find the joy of what he loves and along the way he's learning so much...

With teaching adult mostly I'm observing the need for people to find a happiness. I watch them learn step by step the techniques and new perspective on how to see again. I watch them grow into the child likeness that has left so long ago.  Some just needed a nudge others need a hug but being able to serve in this spot is awesome.

There's more to this information stuff that's coming in lately, I feel that I've become the student also and more awesome moments are flashing them in my face it's kind of cool.

Where I going with this all I'm not sure as of finding happiness etc.. and being an artist and the job of selling, creating and sharing.. I really don't know be the feeling of adventure and a one the edge of the sit excitement is great...Oh I'm bound to stumble and add some scare tissue to a few spots on my love 50 something body but I'm blessed to be her in attitude and perspective..its awesome to be relearning a few things.  

On to putting way some class supplies and getting a move on things.  


  1. Anonymous12:30 PM

    The video was terrific. Inspiring. Wish every parent and teacher could see it.

  2. I agree Mary... very inspiring for sure.


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