Monday, February 18, 2013


Eureka !!! Taxes are done... as obsessed as I get I'm all balanced out.. The Husband stepped in and gave me a hand and reread a few things and then wallah we were done..Not happy about paying this year but all our kids though still at home non dependents now...each year as they got older we couldn't claim them so it was nice when we really needed it and now their off doing their own taxes and enjoying the little extra they will get back. 

After I finished and put away all the paper work in a nice little box I got bundled up and headed to the woods...I so needed it and there were a good some of people out there. The natural health club was busy, hahaha. Every time I passed a group of people I said hi and announced it was the best health club around and  I would hear a chuckle and then out of one gentlemen and his wife I assume I heard, "And it's free!"  You betcha, well we pay our forest preserve taxes but other wise yes it's free. 

I always stretch out and cool down on the bridge when I go there and a man coming up over the bridge said I never thought the bridge was used for that?  hahaha as I was doing my push ups off the railing.. Well it was such a great feeling to achieve the paper work or computer work of the taxes and then to accomplish my half and half granny run/walk for 6 miles again...Have been slacking the extra time around and it feel so good to do it. Nothing like it when you push the body and it response with Yes! see my strength!

Today I've got book club and then up to the studio to get some other projects closer to completion...then pack up for class tomorrow.


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