Sunday, February 17, 2013



achieving of something: the completion or fulfillment of something
feat: a remarkable or successful achievement
talent: a skill or talent that has been developed
I'm posting this on the blog because I realized something yesterday.  I seem to have formed a habit of seeking accomplishment every day in some way or another. For the past 14 years I've been doing the taxes because of my small business, (art, sales, and teaching) and this year I've hit a stumbling block with out of state taxes.  I was so down that I couldn't do or understand it enough. I've used Turbo Tax for small business for every and I'm lost. Husband has a nasty cold that wiped him out all day yesterday and I feel lost.   Crushed is more like it. I know my expectation of being able to finish this all in one day has been what I've been comparing myself with year after year.  One day or almost half a day and Check it's off the list and then on to something else I go.  
I've got a few project going at once and that also seem to be the situation I've put myself in..thinking I can accomplish it all in one day..but my days lately are flying by.  I walk around with an index card one side a gratitude list on the other side the list of chores and things to do check off and accomplish.. I'm hooked on the Achieving part. 
Hoping that today I might be able to achieve and accomplish my taxes and for the out state part so that I can Pay them and be done with it..but it might take an special person like a real accountant not a husband and wife team.


  1. It does seem as if there is too much for us artists to do.. from dealing with taxes in the real world to all the little goals we want to accomplish in our studio.. I did scroll down and took a look at your collages.. which are wonderful.

  2. I can see a knod of the head from many other artist and self-empolyeed people out there.. Hard work but so grateful I'm doing something I love to do so the hard works really evens out... thanks for you kind comment of my work.


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