Monday, February 04, 2013

A bit of purging and a curse

Along with cleaning out the back small 6 x 9 room that will some day be our lower level bathroom I've also got a goat going with the two storage place in my studio..which if you've seen my studio is was to be our master bedroom... One side is the walk in closet and the other side is the unfinished bathroom with a small hallway between with a window at the end.  I just started pulling things out. I get to this point where I can't move and I don't like it. Plus the motivation of more collage work coming home from a show in March means I've got to make room for this.  Now not that it won't got back out to another show or exhibit I still need storage space.

I know why I'm a mixed media artist with paper tendency....I'm a hoarder..there I said it, Hahaha but with out seeing what I was doing I had stack box of cardboard because I might need it and then I had bubble wrap all over the place.. then I did the dreaded cutting up of old artwork and taking it out of frames and giving them away to the Midwest Collage Society yesterday.

When I it out of the studio it's got to be all the way I packed up some stuff for the MCS meeting yesterday and came in and announced what I had and created this frenzy...sorry folks I could stay all the day I had other things to do and Just wanted to get rid of it or I was going to take it Good will or trash it.. so most of the stuff went to good homes other did go to Goodwill which I love by us you can drive up and the door opens and a person comes out and helps unload it..Dang that was easy and done. 

But not all the way I still would like to continue in a few more areas of the studio room but I'll wait till next MCS meeting.

I had to show the husband which he knew already what I was...mainly because we are so much alike the curse of creative spirits and partners, but he did his big purging last year and now it's mine...There comes a time when your just not going to get to it all and you have to simplify your life so that you can still create but have space to do it in. I have to admit there's a really good freeing feeling with this after you do the first part of letting go.

I have to say I try to keep blinders on to some extent with the mixed media much is the same but just coming at it from a different angle that one can get caught up on the next great technique because that's what they put in front of us that we have to do the next great things...I've been cautious of them for sometime and backed off magazines and book so that I could establish my own voice about my art and creative work but I'm not oblivious of it, I still get hooked in and that's the part that I have to question and wonder what really do I want to do and create..Not the next cover of the mixed media magazine though it's great I guess I want to cut my own path about things and be a bit adventurous.

Well off to get ready for book club meeting..we are reading Joy Diet by Martha Beck...should be interesting we seem to trail off topic but circle back and always end up with a good feeling.


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