Thursday, January 17, 2013

Where to from here....

Yesterday I scheduled time in the studio and happy for that..sometime the day gets overloaded with homestead stuff and business stuff and you never make it to the studio.  I'm sure you all know what I mean with that...we have to crack the whip on ourselves to let go of folding laundry for 20 minutes and just go to the studio..some how or another it gets taken care of...but enough about laundry.  Yesterday I was thinking about this composition I did in my sketch book and I wanted to carry that further to larger I started to make some bigger sheets of paper. Using engineer plans which are blue lines with white background I gessoed over it two times.  I have to share using the plastic bowel scrapers is really a wonderful feeling of release.
hard to see but that's the bowl scraper, I use it upside down so I have the flat edge to the surface of the found papers.  Then I spread the gesso..again the gesso is a primer, if you didn't have it you could use white paint.  So I spread over this plastic letter with a mixture of the paint and gesso, keeping it thin.  The plastic letter are what you find when you get stencils and you punch them out. You know the left over letters parts you would throw away normally..well not in this case..kind of cool I think..not sure if I'll use the papers or not but I'm sure excited about them.  
 Then using the same technique of applying the gesso and gesso/paint on the surface now of Kraft paper I wanted a smoother look..then I sprayed it with water and used the scraper and scraped the water off the surface  no alcohol was used for this just water. I know that the alcohol works for more water down acrylics but this was to heavy to use, so just water. Worked.
 Now the extra paint, gets spread out on my creative writing journals that I started, being there so big full of pages to fill with as I work on my papers and such I can spread the extra some where like this instead of wasting it or throwing in the trash.   
 Remember those eyes..yes this came from the cover of the national geo magazine..I even remember drawing this image of the girl way back in Highschool..I've got in saved some were in one of my old, old portfolio's..any ways so that's the cover of the creative writing journal I have...I had to add extra leather string to hold the binding together...done busted that binding and pages were starting fall out so had to do a quick fix. 

So now where do I go?    Glazing and final coat of polymer on both sides read to go for whatever canvas or board I decide to put it on...well these will go on the last big canvas of this series I'm working on..

And happy to announce..I've lost 14.6 on Weight watchers and so grateful I'm many body parts feel so much better. 

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