Friday, January 25, 2013

Snowing walk in the woods

It was snowing pretty hard when I left the house and that meant that taking more time driving was needed.  We've been pampered here in the Midwest with out any snow. And you sure could see it in the other drivers...Wake up people... You've lived here for some time now. So I made it to the woods and I was the first human being to walk the path...I felt blessed. Though you could see the deer has crossed over and the busy little gray and tan squirrels out there from one side to the other..Saw the big Red Tail too. The Arms got a work out with using the walking poles.  I sure do enjoy that.

So as I almost finish a full time around a woman starts walking in from the entrance of the preserve and I've seen her walk many times but one that keeps to her self..which I totally get as of I'm usually out there walking too for the peace and solitude. But today she was extra chipper and wanted to chat a bit..we introduced ourselves and that was good...funny how you can connect with someone even though you just nod and that would be just fine..then now we really meet and were are sharing the same love of the woods on a snowing winter morning.

well time to clean up dishes from the day and really get my bags in the transit and head down the road to the Retreat house not far..Just in Lemont IL. Hop skip and a jump away but I'm sure it will feel excited jitters in my stomach going on..


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