Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Postcard for Jane

And Artist on line and also the author of Collage Journeys is in need of help and the first 200 people that send a postcard to her she will send one back to you.  The situation is to save the Post Office that she runs and if it doesn't receive mail it will have to close in her little town of Rupert VT she's asking for help.. Jane Davies  She's also a cool artist and I really like her even if you don't send a postcard it's well worth the peek at her blog..Lets say someday I want to be like her with all the on line workshops and stuff..but for now I'm just going to help her out and send my postcard here.

I used a pencil and scribbled on the upper back ground and then coated it with polymer medium and then let it dry...then tacked down some orange tissue paper and I has sheet of Citra Solv papers and tore that up...and used it. Darn I say I whipped it together in about 20 minutes...I know probably looks like it but I love to do that...No thinking going on just doing...  I send it off tomorrow in the mail.

Jane Davies P.O. Box 45 Rupert VT 05768  send your postcard there...


  1. Ha! Already have mine ready to go!

  2. Great to Hear!! How awesome is that to own a post office...I can see why Jane want's to keep it open. I would too.

  3. Making citrasolve papers is on my list of things to try. They are really gorgeous in your collage work!


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