Thursday, January 10, 2013

One more for each

I will be dropping this piece off to get professional photographed today and prints.  I have one more to do of this series and size. This is my Woman and Nature series, a few posts back I showed the other three.  The colors are a faint mint green not sure if it shows up on this image I took this morning. 
Titled "Her Story"
10 x 30 x 3 Cradle board

 The rocks  that she's leaning on are pile of experience she has been through...with her jumbled ideas she muddles through life with her boots and manages to succeed with good intentions and a wonderful sense of accomplishments.
Now the next thing is to finish the last one of the big 36 x 36 before I start any other projects...but need to get work going for The Flying Pig too...busy busy busy...
Well off to tend to filling out more paperwork and burning CD for show and fairs and to hit the post office..



  1. Makes me feel a bit sad. Like she's been through a lot. Allows me to feel for her and relate to the piece. I really like it!

  2. Good point Lynn, it's kind of like the expreiences as the woman she is are all piled up behinder and she's open now to think about what the next steps will be. Plus in my experience you got to go through the muck (boots on) get to the other side. and the things/events and happenings don't have to be terrible too..they can just be the life stuff we all grow throw..but their hers and she has all that to back her up and pull from for strenght and couarge. Make sense? well that's where I've been while creating this piece.


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