Wednesday, January 30, 2013

More on Nevr Dull Collage papers

I've learned this part from Claudine Hellmuth and her book Collage workshop or it was on her DVD.  Use National Geographic full photo pages. I wear gloves when I work with Nevr Dull and have good ventilation. Preferable outside. I crinkle the magazine page once and then a second time so I create smaller lines.  Open the magazine page up and start rubbing with the cotton wad of Nevr Dull.
The Nevr Dull is a Metal cleaner and has a Solvent smell to it..Pretty powerful stuff. Make sure you surface underneath is plastic covered or newspapers are spread out. The process of using the Nevr Dull is to pull away the ink on the magazine page and it sinks in to the crevices created by crinkling the magazine page. Creating a Frost on the Window effect.
Now this is an different way to use the Nevr Dull.  Magazine page from National Geographics and you lay the stencil on top and rub the cotton wad in the cut out area to pull the inks off.
Different page but you can get the effects of how it works.
After I'm done with the stencil I wipe clean the left over Nevr Dull and let dry.  Then I coat the magazines with polymer medium and the paper is ready for collaging with the heat seal iron or Tack Iron as I like to call it.  The papers won't be so transparnet when dried, in this photo you can see there a bit transparent and can see through and your capturing images from the back of the magazine page.

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