Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Lost a day

Well I completely got lost in the day, in a good way too.  I have been a good energy high with the new years and events coming up that I've got to watch it too as of balance is need through out all aspects struggles and when things are good.

With the beginning of the new year change of paperwork, and filling out of Art Fair forms, new contracts for workshops and preparing for taxes too have me stopping and taking some deep, deep breaths and little reflective moments..mainly inner asking for guidance and wondering what I was lastly doing.. memory slips now and then.

I've said yes to a few new things that I'm not sure yet but will see what happens..but really excited that I received my word stone for the year.

What I realized is the word I picked last year really is in full cycle now...this may sound funny but I picked Relationships for last year..and I actually truly wanted to be able to work with people better and form some better adult relationships but it didnt' really feel like it and now as the new year attitude about that all is so much more open and trusting...and when picking out a word I think about areas that might help me grow and be a better person.  So this year my Rock in the box is intuition and working with the gut feeling on things and helping connect with my inner knowing better. Make sense?  Well call it new or old it's still about knowing thy self better right? 

Queen of Art Studio...side bar scroll down to the box with the year on it and order your rock word for the year.

OK off I go finished a new piece letting it dry and then dropping it off when I pick up the other piece at Osio-browns.   Living the Dream is hard work but damn it's well worth it!

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  1. Saying yes in spite of uncertainty is brave, Laura ! I am sure the excitement will lead to some interesting manifestations, especially if you keep following that "intuition".
    Glad you like your box !
    Happy Wednesday !


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