Monday, January 21, 2013

Got the Crayons and my new coloring book

Love that curly hair..and think for the kicks I'm going to watch the movie again this afternoon with how cold it is...calls for a good warm blanket and a homestead kind of day. Mainly I want to see what color is everything.
Ok here's the beginning stage of the last piece. and I'm not sure where it will lead me..When I have an experimental piece such as this one I have to stay open big time for the right source to slip in to help me through. My Youngest likes the colors and I'm not to sure yet...but not giving up.


  1. I rented the movie Brave for my 4 year old grandson but stopped it when the grizzly bear showed up... I thought the bears were a bit scary for a 4 year old...and any young children... but I watched it later... good also to stand back and take a breath and contemplate the next move in a work in progress... though it looks good.

  2. Hi Donna, Great to hear from you...yes the bears were a bit scary...and I would think so for a young one as 4 too. Heck it was scary us too.

    Thanks for you comment on the piece. Actually I love a piece like this when it really pull out of us the most creative problem solving we hate relationship is more like it. And it might be time to do some schooling for me as of testing my own abilities and pushing me to learn more.


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