Sunday, January 13, 2013

Goals and the BIG goal that keeps me centered.

In two days I'll start classes...been a while since I taught classes..kind of gave myself a break, mainly to get the head straight with the body changes..and to fall back in love with my own creating of my art. Which I did and presented a exhibit of my work at LaGrange Art League which I was very happy with.. meeting my own goals and accomplishments.  Now I have to look at some of things heading into this year..

One is..being honest with myself as an artist and what I really want...What do I really want?  I can't help but think of the image in my head of my major goal...Me driving down the road in an old pickup truck with my dogs on the old bench seat just sitting there as we tool down the old back road to the studio.  When we get there I'm watching them run around out back where I see the woods, early morning sky and hear nature beginning to wake up..I enter the studio space and get things started...lights turned on, coat off and apron on. Put some wood in the wood burning stove and start a fire, pull off the tarp on the huge canvas and start the coffee pot...After coffees done and I've got my cream in there(important stuff) I stand back and look at my piece that's almost done and committed to a gallery in the what city I don't know and it really doesn't matter at this point.

But that's my big how to I keep myself on track with that?  another good question and also an acceptance of it..As I kind keep that image in my minds eye and in my heart when I stray away and get caught up in all the whoop-la of the art world business stuff...but all I have to do is think about this image and I'm right back in it, grounded and centered...and then I know what I have to do.."Keep moving forward and keep creating art and along the way the dreams really do come true..

I've got some things I would like to see and  how they will play of testing the water on few ideas and pushing forward even if they don't work out...hard to do but doing it any ways.

I have to give an artist talk Next Tuesday for the reception of my work at North Central College..I said yes like I do this all the time....which I don't, but I do talk about inspiration, problem solving and ideas and how to carry them out in my classes and workshops. Half the time wondering what I do if I really know...  I'll go on trust of an inner hunch and see what happens and if it doesn't pan's still a win win situation I've learned from it and what more can I say but that...another personal promise I made to myself along time ago...Have you every done that before, as of made a promise that you weren't going to be like them and you were going to be different...? Well mine was I was going to not go stale..I wasn't going to be an elder sitting on the couch and watching live pass some of the best years by...No sir.  I had a moment about 6 months ago with the hormones rearranging which lead to a bit of depression and the big question Why?  but by the grace of God I snapped out if it and decided to keep moving forward...looking at life from the couch is boring...not what I've done alot of or will do...( now I like my NCSI show, so I'll sit for that) I see myself as a sassy old gal and just enjoying what life throws at me and throwing it right back with even more excitement.

Here's a question I give to do you see yourself?

Not your normal goals or business plan is it...but it's what keeps this gal moving forward, honesty and living...Now to do my class stuff for Tuesday walk in the woods and spend some much need time in the studio.

If mom's happy, then aren't we all!! 

This mom, daughter and wife and artist has a job to do and that is to answer the
Why am I? ....because there is more to live for and to be revealed.
Who am I?  a growing human being trying to live a full time life.
Where am I?  in one of the most important times in my life...and that is going through the change of my life...and for how every long that it..but I'm not sitting on the couch waiting for it..I'm going to be involved in it..

Deep I know but isn't it exciting..Hope you all can find your goals in this life time and keep them truer then true for yourselves. 


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