Wednesday, January 30, 2013

From Class yesterday

We are into our 3rd session of our class, yes till making many different ways to create your own collage papers.  Here is Nancy stamping the polymer medium on the surface of the National Geographic papers. She will let it dry and then rub the cotton wad of the Nevr Dull over the surface to pull off the inks and reveal the resisted areas the Polymer made.
This is April's magazine papers waiting to dry. I have to say the turned out really nice.
Marianne is going to town over here, She's taken my classes before so she has no problem jumping in.
Marica had a system going with her papers.
We first stamped in with the polymer medium let dry and then rub the surface with Nevr Dull..creating a really wonderful resist that is revealed in the papers.
Second we crinkled the papers and then rub off the inks which happened to fall into the crevices and create some very interesting papers.
And lastly we used Stencils, laying them on top and using the cotton wad to rub off the inks only in the stenciled area..
Then one thing about these kinds of papers is that you might want to make copies of them so you can extend the use of them..Use a office copier which is a toner copier not an ink jet...that would bleed when coating with polymer for the heat seal iron.. Or scan it and save a copy of the paper for use at a later time.  There as been times when I wanted more of a paper...and this way I just copy it and then coat the laser/toner copy and ready to go for collaging.. You see you really are creating very unique piece of collage papers/palette for you collage and it's hard to repeat what you've done.
Again as a reminder...good ventilation is a must for this kind of collage paper making.

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  1. When I have a really cool altered paper I want more of, I copy and print it on my inkjet, then spray w/ a workable fixative, then coat w/ medium. Then tack down. Works like a charm


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