Thursday, January 24, 2013

Found papers for Collage

Gesso in collage paper making is a wonderful medium to put to any surface to alter it.
It can cover up, used a surface to scribe in, or be use a medium to stamp with and that's just "touching the surface"
Gesso is a surface primmer to use on you canvas before you paint or collage on them if you don't by the canvas with it already should never be use as a glue or a paint as it's make up is not made for that.
This is a white lunch bag, found at our local target. and we torn the bottom off and spread the gesso on the surface and let it dry...good to let it dry over night then your ready to bring color to the surface the next day.
April has a piece that she's scribed into the wet gesso and let dry and now she using like a stain mixture to bring color in.. you spread it on with a nice wide brush and then retract the color off to you likeness. Hopefully it sinks into the scribed areas and becomes a deep color.
Nancy is working that arm muscle and wiping away the color to reveal the shapes she stamped in underneath with the gesso last week.  What wonderful papers everyone is making don't you think?
By itself the paper has a really nice texture, it looks like it was made from the garden knee pad..and piece was cut off as a rectangle and used as a stamp.
Now the fun begins to create the surface colors you like at this point no one knows what their doing as of what papers they will need for their collages later in class but what's most important is to build the palette of papers to pick from.
After color/stain is added you then subtract it away with paper towel and then rub some more and you might want to then try a baby wipe which is moist and has some alcohol and it will pull more off but then if to far you will add color back in..Play isn't it grand no right or wrong just till you like it.
Marianne has a nice warm color action going on with her papers, she's used the sheet music and looks like an old book can even come back in ad more color with a baby wipe when dry and smear around on the surface and then even stamp more in...the play never stops does it..

After all papers are altered to your likeness. They will need to be coated with Polymer Medium Gloss for the Heat Seal Method.

I like to tell my students is just scratching the surface of collage papermaking..sure we could all go buy papers, but what fun is that...?

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