Thursday, January 31, 2013

forced change and willing change...

So the email came in and it said....Fraud protection...from my bank..Yikes!!!
I call and there was a person that was trying to activate my card out in California and also here trying to get a rent a car and also get some stuff from a on line Sony thing for Play station...

Right away the protection was on it and now there's a block on the debit quick about it, I'm very thankful that maybe only 1.11 will be charged or the first 40.00 on the Car Com place. 

After figuring that all out I then started moving my artwork out of the back room and up stairs to make room for that bathroom that will not probably be started right away because the floor tile might be some bad stuff in's really old and from the early 40's so first the motorcycle get rebuilt for the Man folk to take is long over due ride and then the new bathroom we've been talking about doing for years. 

It seems when I stop storing my art and tent stuff in there it's not a good time for the rebuild and then I go and put stuff back in there again that's when the Husband has the time to do it..but it only took me about an hour and half to go up and down stairs  repack the artwork and tents with display panels...

Now though I'm thinking of looking into a storage unit to see if I can store my art and art regalia in there... has to be climate controlled as the artwork can't get too hot or below freezing or I have to give some of this art's not selling and it's taking over the homestead.  

Husband asks..why do you have so much art...darn I say I'm prolific and I do it like breathing...well that sounds a bit egotistical..I'm not all that... just art and doing art is a daily thing when I don't do it I get crabby. 

So now I have a free day and I'm not sure what to do so my rock said, "Help is on the way"  which is wonderful to know...not that I need help but to know it's come it comforting.

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  1. LOL. I am always moving my paintings from here to there and back again.

    They are always in the way.


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