Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Gift yesterday

I just had to take a picture of this and show you all. Martha a dear student and friend of mine purchased this gift from a favorite spot to shop..."A garage sale"  My favorite place too.  When I showed the family they all got a good warm chuckle from it...Right away the husband said you have to hang that in your space up stairs and you know that right were it's going to to have good inspiration hanging around to keep the good creative juices flowing..and I love stuff like this.

My daughter said it looks like me as she could see me wearing poke a dotted pants like that...Oh you sweet child of mine..hahaha. What can I say..but Thank You Martha, it touches my heart deeply.

My grandfather would sit with me on the porch swing in the warm summers but the breeze some how would always cool us down.  The men folk were bring in the Hay or working on something around the farm and My mom would be working in the kitchen with my grandmother talking about some meal they would be making for dinner.  Well while sitting out there on the porch there was a whorly gig  thing a mabob..  it was one that sawed a know the little man that moved with the wind...I could sit there for hours as we draw and colored and he smoked is pipe.. and sometimes we would just sit there letting time do it's best on us. Oh the smooth smell I can smell it now.. Memories there grand aren't happy that one thing as simple as this thoughtful gift can trigger a flow of my childhood..Awesome really it is.

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