Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Challenging Question is....

What captivates you about your work?  and renew your vow's or thoughts about it. 

Sounds a bit weird at first but as I walked yesterday in the woods...words popped up...process, yes being in the process not always is it an easy process, as things might be going on in my life that I'm trying to live through and or the idea might not be working out as I had hoped or planned.  So disappointment may set in and what next?  a situation to be solved with creative inspiration and energy stemming from a source much larger then myself. I know that for sure.

Then the mystery of how it all comes together, papers and their relationship to each other with there contrast.  The play of wills in color, shapes, lines and textures creating that rich family dynamics of beautiful dysfunction we call art.

After I've finished a piece the feelings of "it was meant to be" seem to come across.  There is so much going on in creating anything like all of what is going on in and out of you gets sucked and soaked like water and a sponge  and then squeezed out into the one element or presence, your song, your child, your book, your painting and your poem etc.

So what captivates me...when I look back at the works I've done there is a connection, a history and a relationship I've held with it the art work that is and most times it still holds me or captures me in to the moment and what was going when I created it.

 The wonder about communication without words, or sound and only using sight to say what seems to be flowing through me at the moment...not always do I know.  Trust yes I trust in the process if it conveys what I would like it to I'm not sure and do I hope that everyone understands it...yes but in the end it doesn't really matter.  My work is a gift and a tool for me to live with and how I use it is a constant question in connection and relationship. 

On to some things on the list to tend to today for holiday preparation and some work ones too.


  1. The captivating part of work is the work itself. Prior to working there is procrastination, self-doubt, pondering, figuring.

    Once the work is done there is second thoughts, criticism, sometimes elation yet a feeling of let down that it is over.

    The captivating part is the act. Being one with. Being lost in the moment. The process. Being present. The oneness.

    Or at least that's my thought on it at the moment! Ask me again at another date and time and who knows what the answer will be!


  2. Good to hear from you Lynn, You bring up some good pointers and I think that's why Gail, author of the book asks us to spend some time with it over the month..kind of a hard question to do in one you said who know's how I/you/we will feel about our work through the rest of the month...I know I would like to connect with more or as she says...renew the vows I have or my vocation with it all. Not an easy process..hard work and time..pays off in the end on most things we care deeply about.. more thoughts welcome..


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